The Last Glue

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Wood glue, appoxy, contact cement, 1 minute glue, ‘fast’ glue, we all have a drawer full of old glues that are dried up, glued shut and just a plain waste of money! Use them once and you might as well throw them away. Not to mention you have to reglue the item you just glued a few days ago! With The Last Glue we guarantee our glue won’t get hard or dry out and we have a 1 year warranty to back it up. This glue is FDA approved, is used in the dental industry as well as by Harley Davidson and in movie production. TLG glues in seconds, so no more waiting hours or days for it to ‘cure’. Key thing to remember: The Last Glue only works when deprived of moisture or air, so make sure that whatever you are gluing has a nice tight fit or you also need The Last Fill. What will you glue??

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