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Got a hole in your pipe or leak in your water pressure hose? A hairline crack in our favorite mug? The Last Fill is at your service. You’ll need The Last Fill about 20-30% of the time. Remember: The Last Glue works with a lack of moisture or air so if you can’t deprive the item being glued of air you need to use The Last Fill. This creates a liquid weld! You can sand it, file it, color it and paint it. It takes the word glue to the next level.

The Last Fill was created for all the items that can’t be deprived of air. Needed 20%-30% of the time.

The Last Fill is a paintable, stainable, sandable, dishwasher and microwave safe ultra fine Aluminum Oxide used to fill in gaps or missing chips, or to bond surfaces which do not match up. Remember the glue works with a LACK OF OXYGEN so if two surfaces don’t match up you NEED the FILLER!!

  • Fill in Missing Chips!
  • Perfect for DRILLING or TAPPING!
  • Bond imperfect surfaces!
  • Fix Leaks in Pipes!
  • Fix Leaks in Radiators…Leaks in ANYTHING!

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