LaserHIT basic kit

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TABLETOP SHOOTING RANGE IN A GIFT BOX: Everything you need in a small package to start the practice today. One-minute setup on any table or shelf. The perfect gift for a gun owner.

DRY FIRE AT WHOLE NEW LEVEL: Practice like a Pro in the comfort of your own living room with your own everyday carry or home defense firearm. See your hits on the phone screen with realistic "bullet holes" and sound effects in real time.

SHARP YOUR MARKSMAN SKILLS: practice shooting on the move, quick draw from holster or concealment, tactical reload, and much more

SAME GUN, SAME RESULTS: At home or at the range, the weight, the grip, the sights, and the trigger pull will remain the same. Build and maintain muscle memory between shooting range visits. Save on ammo, save your time, and train more often

FREE LASERHIT MOBILE APP (iPhone or Android): compatible with all LASERHIT products. It is the fastest, safest, and lowest-cost way to hone your shooting skills with cutting-edge computer vision and augmented reality technologies combined into an easy-to-use mobile application. Each practice drill has a unique touch-less reload feature. This enables you to restart your training session without leaving the firing line.

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