LaserHIT .223 Rem Laser Training Cartridge

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Elevate your skills to the next level using the caliber specific LaserHIT Training Series. Train virtually anywhere with the firearms you already own. Featuring a fire pin activated laser, receive instant visual feed back of your shots. Dry Fire Laser Trainers present a hardened rubber primer, functioning much like a snap cap, ensuring the safety of your firing pin. Practice chambering, racking, tapping and malfunction drills, with the added ability of revamping dry firing into a clear bullet impact drill. A key component of the Dry Fire Laser Trainers are two O-rings, establishing a more stable and accurate fire down the barrel of the firearm.

Train like a pro with the companion the Dry Fire Laser Training App now available. A revolutionary learning platform the Dry Fire Laser Training App records your shots allowing the shooter to drill more efficiently. Excel your capability, capacity, and performance with the Dry Fire Laser Training Series.

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